About Us...
Rivo means “Stream or River” in Italian. RivoKids is all about enriching and capturing the River of Moments - the journey of “Raising Bright Happy Kids”.

RivoKids is the first and only website for Parents (both Moms and Dads) to capture their stream of memories as their kids grow up. The First Year Milestones (Ouch! The sound of Baby’s first fall still reverberates in my mind and scares me), the cute things kids say and do, the First Medal won, the Favourite pass time on Sundays ..... the journey goes on.

RivoKids allows Parents to record these sweet MeethiMemories through our website, SMS, or email in an ongoing manner. You can print your MemoryBooks or share them online with selected Friends and Family.

RivoKids is a one-stop place for Parents who are looking for meaningful projects and ideas to help their kids develop lateral thinking and logical reasoning. Parents who love to play with their kids and are actively engaged with their kids’ academic and extracurricular interests. RivoKids offers a list of resources such as website links, game recommendations, fun science experiments and art activities.

We call them ParentPicks as they are picked and recommended by keen parents like you and us.
About TeamRivo...
RivoKids is the brainchild of two passionate Moms – Parul Mittal and Ritu Uberoy. Both are engineers by training (from IIT-D and NSIT respectively) with advanced Masters Degrees in Computer Science from the USA. After over a decade attending meetings, making project plans, and achieving targets in the Corporate world, they decided to do something that they had become passionate about as parents - Raising Bright and Happy Kids!

They are always looking for board game ideas, fun crafts and cool toys to stimulate our children’s minds and to spend quality time helping the kids to shine smarter. They are both very fond of science and doing fun experiments is the best way to stimulate the kids’ curiosity and get them to ask questions and learn naturally.

We are looking forward to taking the RivoKids journey with you. It’s all about Smart Ideas and Fun Moments! India's one and only urban parent community.