Baby Book Smiti
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Smiti's Baby Book
Aug 6, 2001
Ek Nanhi Pari
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Smiti Mittal
Date of Birth:
6th August, 2001
Time of Birth:
11.30 pm
Moolchand, New Delhi
Height & Weight:
19 inches and 2.8 Kgs
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First Bath Smiti
Aug 28, 2001
Smiti is 22 days old. This was the first time I bathed her myself. Holding her between the feet, balancing her small, slippery body while she screamed out her lungs was rather tricky. This was definitely a milestone in our parenting journey.
First Smile Smiti
Nov 30, 2001
Initially Smiti smiled only when just going to sleep, and we would wait for it. From 3 months and a week or so, she started smiling and gurgling a lot. Its fun time now with my little doll.
First Word Smiti
Mar 1, 2002
Smiti was one of the very early speakers. Her first and most favourite word at 8 months was "Ye". She would point to everything and say "Ye" and then we would tell her what it was. As she grew up at 14 months, she loved the word "Papa" and said it most often with "bye-bye" being her second favourite.
First Food Smiti
Dec 6, 2001
She started semi-solids with banana on turning 4 months. Doctor told me to try one new food every week. Of course Alok gave her a variety of things including green chilli even before that. In this picture, she is eating her favourite Mango at Dadi's house.
First Tooth Smiti
Jun 1, 2002
Smiti got her first tooth at about 10 months. By 15 months, she had 4 top front and 3 bottom front teeth.
First Haircut Smiti
Mar 1, 2002
Girl's mundan is not a big deal in our family. We just got a barber home from Green Park Market. Luckily she slept through the whole head shaving. We made a satiya with haldi as it is antiseptic. I vaguley remember giving some hair to my father in law for offering in some river.
First Birthday Smiti
Aug 6, 2002
We celebrated her first birthday with dada-dadi, nana-nani, mama, mausi-mausa and punam-rajeev at Haus Khas Village. A small affair that Smiti thoroughly enjoyed.
First School Smiti
Jan 12, 2004
Smiti started her playschool Littleworld in Jan as she turned 2.5 years. We were so scared that she would cry, but boy, she was comfi from day 1. Started her school van after 2 days. She goes at 9.15am and comes back at 12.45pm. Its a small school with 30 kids and she enjoys it a lot. Her friends names are Mishika, Yugad and Damu.
Bright colors like Red
Aloo tikki, Lauki, Mango
Lips in a O and eyes wide
Stuti, Garima, Varun
A very hungry caterpillar
Sleeping through them
Miffy - humari pyari bunny
See-saw, slides, balls
Balls (she called them Boi)
Drawing, Blocks, Puzzles
Aug 10, 2001
Smiti is 4 days old. Alok is giving her mother dairy toned milk from a tiny, sterilized spoon and katori. First few days after her birth were the toughest. I remember, we came home on 3rd day from hospital and found out that she had fever. I burst into tears from exhaustion while Alok and mummy took her to the doctor. The doctor said she was not getting enough milk. For next 10 days, we gave her mother dairy milk.
Oct 7, 2001
2 months old - Taking her beauty nap before the big party in the evening when we invited over 100 relatives at IOC guest house in Green Park to celebrate her arrival. She is wearing small cloth shoes gifted by Nattu dadaji. She used to love to play with the mobile hanging from her crib.
Aug 6, 2003
Smiti Turns Two. We celebrated her birthday in Eatopia, IHC, Delhi. Called all our friends from IRL and Jobsahead, family and relatives. We bought her the lehenga from Shoppers Stop. It was a huge party and Smiti enjoyed herself thoroughly.
Aug 6, 2012
Smiti holding Muskaan in her godi. This was a major milestone for Smiti as she transformed from being our baby doll to becoming a didi. She went through a tough emotional period. For the first time ever, she cried while going to playschool. I remember that I would drop and pick her from play school, leaving behind a 10 day Muskaan at home. We had even told every one visiting us to get a gift for both kids.
Aug 6, 2001
At 11.30pm, on 6th August 2001, when Smiti finally arrived in this world, my first feeling was of relief. Doctor put her on my chest. Her face was the size of a tomato and she had Alok's nose.
Sep 7, 2001
It was so hilarious to see Smiti brush aside Stuti even though Stuti was double her size.
Oct 17, 2001
A very self-sufficient child, Smiti started sucking her thumb very early in life. It was a big relief for me and doctors only encouraged us.
Nov 15, 2001
Smiti lying on our bean bag. How small she looks compared to the bean bag?
Mar 13, 2002
Being carried around on a sling by Papa in Nainital.
Mar 20, 2002
It was Holi. We had gone to Nainital for vacation with Divya-Roli. Smiti was just learning to walk with support. She was of course crawling all over the guest house.
Aug 6, 2002
Her first birthday, dadi-dada gifted her 2 dolls. They seem almost the same size as her.
Oct 15, 2002
Playing with her favourite blocks at Dadi's house in Gautam Nagar.
May 1, 2003
Is it a boy - people would ask us? She always looked more like her dad :)
Dec 26, 2003
Our first International vacation with Smiti to Egypt. She not only went inside the pyramids with Alok, but Alok also taugth her who stays inside the pyramids - Pharaohs!
Dec 30, 2003
She looks so chubby in this pic. Its so interesting to see that she still looks the same 8 years later.
Sep 20, 2012
Can't sleep in the night. Very light sleeper. Keeps waking up and saying love you mumma.