Books for the young readers(6 -10 years)

Transitional books are often hard to find. The child has outgrown the picture books (although I still have not) but is too young for the lengthier chapter book. What do you do? For this purpose, I find the hole books very well suited. This is a set of four books with a free  free craft kit for kids - make your own book chompers which are essentially corner book marks that look like silly monsters. 

The Monster Hunters: Abhay and Nitya are monster hunters. They know there are monsters in every child's room and they are going to find them.

Trouble with Magic: Veena is full of bright ideas. She gets Aunt Malu to use her magic to make something new and wonderful, but magic has its own rules and soon Veena and her aunt are in big trouble.

The Vampire Boy: Kris is not a normal vampire boy, but the children at school are terrified of him. Will he ever find a friend?

Maya Saves the Day: An escaped tiger, lost parents, Puppies who need a home. What's a little girl to do?

Lovely read for the younger lot as well as middle grade readers looking for an easy, fun read. The four books are also available individually (minus the fun craft set of course)


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Thank you so much for explanation ... shall try for my young one too ;-)

This is really a interesting collection of books. The kids will really enjoy the activitiy of reading with this. You can find more interesting kids activities on



Really nice, read more on children and parenting here:-

find , as ideal for the kids of age 6 to 10 , as it provide a lot of cotnet for learning and fun activities.

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