Tuition-A Waste Of Time, Money and Energy

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Success is achieved only after hard work and dedication. Along with this I would also like to tell that Studying is like a decathlon – you just have to be hardworking, consistent and organized and patient enough to achieve success. If you have these qualities or you work with these qualities no one can stop you from achieving success, I can accept that once or even twice you may not get it but if you be patient success will knock your doorstep.

So, my point is that if students work properly along with these qualities what is the need of going to tuition. We go to tuition only because we want to clear our doubts but if we work hard and pay attention in the school we won’t need to go to tuition. If we have any doubts we can ask our school teachers or parents or our elders. Especially up till 10th STD I don’t see any reason to go to tuition classes. Nowadays, even after 10th we can study by our own as all the revision books or model question papers are available on the internet.

Nowadays, what is happening is that for students if one or two of their friends start going tuition we all start to go to tuition just for time pass or for meeting and chatting with our friends. Tuition have now become a habit or a necessity for students with no use. Most tuition teachers just teach their students to just mug up the topic rather than making them understand it. This way if a question is twisted even a little bit the students is unable to answer it even though he has learnt it. If students go to tuition to mug up topics they can do the same at home. Why go to tuition??

After going to tuition what is happening is that if a topic is covered in their tuition class which is not covered in their school they chat and chat rather than paying attention and the excuse they give is that the topic is already covered in our tuition class and even if the topic going on in the school is not covered up in their tuition classes they keep chatting as they tell that this will be discussed in our tuition class afterwards. So, I think we should tell them to keep studying in their tuition class as at least it will save the school fee.

Also, the home work or the projects give by the school is not completed by the students going to tuition as they tell they were doing the home work given by their tuition class and these students in their tuition classes make the same excuse that they were going their school home work and this way they do home work of neither their tuition class nor of the school. And the few students who do the home work given by both their tuition class and the school get overburdened by the stress on them and often suffer from diseases like headache etc

The outdoor activities of these students also gets reduced as they go to their tuition class for 2 hrs approx and are unable to play outdoor games or remain fit by relaxing a bit as they don’t have time to relax.

Tuition classes also demand higher or extra money for training students for competitive exams like IMO, NCO etc which should be included in their main course of their tuition classes.
All in all tuition classes are a waste of time and money as the classes demand high money and also the students lose time in going to tuition and this precious time can be used to get involved in some useful activity.

So according to me tuition is not at all important to achieve success as it can be achieved by Success is achieved only after hard work and dedication everything

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ur 1st para ia awesome!!! Thats what I call it an intro.!!!!

u have all the neccessary points to express that tutions are a waste of time!!!!!


I salute ur essay/debate points!!!!!!


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"Nowadays, even after 10th we can study by our own as all the revision books or model question papers are available on the internet. " but many children don't have internet ....

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friends arn't that good these days... who will care about the other one??? especially in 10th standard ... all children aren't that much fortunate to have the BESTEST OF FRIENDS IN 10TH STANDARD

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majority of students suffer from headache just because of school pressure....

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WELL, i said that in a positive sense... i was with ur article

Nice article!

In my school debate was there against tution I say that written here I get 1 price

I strongly agree with this post, students these days have made tuition going a fashion, and one copies another and so the chain continues. Children intuitions waste their time money and energy as well. They prepare a lesson within a few mins and then for the remaining time they chit-chat and enjoy. I am a mother and i take very care of what my child does and keep monitoring him time-to-time. My child, he takes <a href="">online tuitions</a> which saves his time and also energy which is very important and he studies according to his will and whatever topics he feel he hasa problem in learning. this saves him from those hectic hours of outdoor tuitions. and my stays away from pressure and is always happy and gay, and i as a mother is also satisfied as i know that his time and energy and as well as my money is utilised properly.

it was nice

Repeating the same thing ....couldn't find it convincing at all...:(

It is absolutely right because if students will go to tuition classes so that he & she cannot paticipate school activity. Culture activity is very important for students.


Sir Nic article
sir I m suffering same problem
m in 12 nw sci
I m thinking to leave coaching and study at home
Wht u say sir

Too helpful for my studies especially for debate classes! :)

It is told here correct tuition is a waste of money and time.

It is told here correct tuition is a waste of money and time.

Sir, you are genius. You gave me all the advantages and disadvantages which I needed for preparing debate. Points are also nicely explained with examples and proverbs. It helped me a lot.
Thank you Sir.

This is awesome and nice content for writing in Exams

You guys could also add a point that parents are also the cause of this tutition problem. they actually force students to go to tutitions.



Right education is never a waste of time. It's on us to find good teachers. As we parents are too busy these days, we find it difficult to find the right ones. We also get carried away by the names of big players/so called big schools that we have in India. If kids spend 6 hours in school, why aren't they learning? Why would they need tuition? Doesn't it mean that the system is unable to cater to the needs of our kids & also unable create their interest in studies?
Good teacher is never a waste of time. It's on you to find. Could be in school or in tuition center.
I have found a good learning resource & is definitely outside school. The name is readmyscript outreach program.
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Yøu kñow, honestly as a student I want to say that hometution is required for v.poor student.. not for average or top student... I m facing this problem for 2 yrs from class8 ,my parent think that spending money on tution can make my boy intelligent!!!!??? No "" it can't .. in class 8 I was better than average.. but as I got that 3 tution .. it.. so much pressure I can handle both... now I m like average at the time of my 10 board !!? Its like I lose.. but I will not gave up.. so.. dear parent pls don't give your child tution unless required... Bcos tution is like huge pressure sometimes..