should there be exams in schools or not

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yes i think should there be exams in schools because exam is very good source of understand the ability of the students, how they present their knowledge. Exam is competition between the students they acquire the knowledge give the exam for go to the next stage of the study. when result come we know the which students are give their efforts for the exam.because it is a basis for our grades. when you have no exams, you lose something to make your grades. with no grades, you have nothing to show to have a good job. exam should make the student excellent. exam in school important in point of future because in any field which students are excellent according to that they gave the job. teachers are the key figures in a school system and exams are mandatory to check their level of teaching. the only people who don't like exams are those who know damn well that they under achieved. Because exams are one way of determining if students are learning. Parents pay a lot so their children will have good education. Because of that, parents have the right to know how well their children learn and it is a way of determining if a child is prepared for stepping to another level of education. A test is to determine how much you have learned. exams are a tool used to measure if all of that repetitiveness paid off. let's say "it's a necessary evil". The other, equally important factor in the favour of the issue is that exams encourage students as well to study, do more reading and writing and thus improving their general knowledge. If there are no exams and tests then students will not put any effort to learn and educate. Moreover, exams bring students together, they do combine studies which help them to learn the essence of team work and they develop communication skill. . Lastly, exams develop a sense of competition which also draws students towards exam is very important in not only in school even in our life. If there will be no exam how can a student or his/her parents or teacher will understand that to what exent he /she is progressing.In lower classes it can be done by assessing the performance throughout year but in higher classes exam is necessary. If student are committing suicide that is not for the exam but for the pressure and expectation of the parents .If there were no exams, more than 90 per cent of students would lose their motivation to study. This is because they have no target to aim at. There is an old Chinese saying: 'Study during study time, play during play time.' But most of us lack discipline. Without exams, we may spend years in school for nothing. Also, school exams evaluate students' progress. You know how much knowledge you have acquired and which areas you need to improve in. In addition, exams help school officials separate elite and average students. Schools can provide enhancement courses for the gifted while organising remedial classes for the weaker students.A school test is actually a 'rehearsal' for public exams. Remember, practice makes perfect. Schools should not abolish exams. But exams should not be the only way to assess students' academic standards. Schools should also consider things like students' performance in class, homework and subject-related activities.

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are you sure ?

we can only know how a student studies in exams . what about other talents

I agree with Ann.

This website really helped me my bro is sometimes not focusing that's why he won't get good grades.

This website really helped me my bro is sometimes not focusing that's why he won't get good grades.

It helps me a lot