10 Excellent Ideas for Kids to Fight the Flu This Monsoon

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10 Excellent Ideas for Kids to Fight the Flu This Monsoon


“The Dolby digital version of this sneezing sound comes from every classroom every monsoon,” says Chetna, a Mumbai-based school teacher and mother of two kids.

Indian monsoons last long, to say the least, and the incessant rains give ample room for bacteria, virus, and creepy crawlies to cultivate making us vulnerable to disease. Even the most cautions and neat-freak moms fall prey to ‘viral fever’ ailing their children while the doctor’s clinics are perpetually occupied.

“Most cases that I’m seeing right now are kids suffering from stomach infection or fever, and the root cause for them is the same or similar monsoon virus,” says Dr. Thakrey, a Mumbai-based homeopathic doctor.

So, what’s the origin of this virus?

Dirty hands and dirty water!

Basics like keeping dirty hands and drinking dirty water are the reason most kids fall sick. But we already know this, right?

What we need to know is that if the problem emanates from such simple things, it can be also eradicated by taking a few simple measures. So, here are 10 quick but effective ideas to help your child fight the flu this season:

  1. Keep nails extremely short

The cavity where nails meet the skin looks clean to the naked eye but carries bacterial infection which is why you should keep your child’s nails extremely short. Even after doing that, keeping the short nails clean goes unsaid.

Our new-age rebellious lot, old enough to cut their nails on their own might not allow you to take over. But, if you are able to keep their nails clean, you’re a step closer to a bacteria-free monsoon.

  1. There is no replacement for washing hands

Clichéd and well-known but it’s a very important point to keep viruses at bay. Ensure that you and your family wash hands every couple of hours. If you’ve been out then the first thing after coming home is a thorough hand-wash.



  1. Drink and serve boiled water

Agreed that you have a water purifier at home but during monsoons, viruses can beat the toughest of filters which is why heat is the most trusted measure to take. Adding fennel seeds (saunf) to the water during boiling helps improve immunity. It’s just a simple process that leads to health and sanitation in the household.

So why not try it?

  1. Skip salads and fresh veggies when eating out

Since we’ve already established that heat kills bacteria, I’ll jump straight to the point and request you to stick to hot food when eating out. Since bacteria cannot survive in hot temperatures, the chances of contacting viral stomach infection reduce.

Easy to do, right?

  1. Avoid leafy vegetables

It’s best to avoid eating leafy veggies during monsoons, especially if you’re eating them raw or par-boiled in salads. Research establishes that the fungus and virus that stick to leaves during monsoons cannot be washed off and removed merely by rubbing them clean.

Hence, it’s best to avoid leafy vegetables to avoid stomach infections and the flu.

  1. Home woes

Although it’s pouring outside, somehow dust accumulates in all the difficult corners of the house, leading to collection of dust-virus and air-borne infection. The best way to combat this is to wipe the dust off using a damp cloth rather than a dry one. A dry cloth does not remove the dust but simply flies it to another corner which is why wiping it off helps.

Clean with a damp cloth and see the difference!

  1. Technology: carrier of viruses!

Laptops, phones, the TV remote are the biggest carriers of germs and most kids touch these gadgets too often. Since we can’t keep a check on that (although we must!), the least we can do is clean them with a damp cloth on which some disinfectant has been sprayed.

Check the germs, check flu.

  1. Gum boots are a mandate

When children step or play in muddy puddles, they bring home enough bacteria to make them fall sick. Gum boots are a fix for this problem.

For older kids, try rubber shoes or boots if gum boots aren’t their thing. In case feet still get wet, wash them as soon as you get home.

  1. The need for heat…again!

This one is about removing infection while washing clothes during monsoons. Clothes don’t dry easily when it rains, and we can’t do much about it. The dampness in the clothes leads to breeding of viruses which can be checked by a two-way method.

First, wash clothes in warm water to which you have added some antiseptic liquid. This helps avoid breeding of bacteria in damp clothes. Then, as a next precautionary step, iron all the clothes. The heat from ironing will check the infection if there was any left.

Don’t make children wear clothes off the drying line and you’re sorted this monsoon!

10. Chicken soup for the soul!

Don’t worry if you’re vegetarian, make it vegan soup for the soul…the point is covered as long as there’s soup!

A diet which is high on fluids is best to keep the flu, viral fever, stomach infection, and whatever you might call these monsoon inflicted diseases, at bay. Soup not only tastes amazing when it’s pouring outside, it actually helps fight infection, in case we might have contacted any.

Getting your child to consume ample fluids is an often repeated point which you must not forget this time!

Hope you have a happy and flu-free monsoon!

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