A Friend in need...

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A Friend In Need ...

Breastfeeding a newborn can be stressful, especially at night. In those early days many babies feed every couple of hours. For first time mothers, this is a little frightening. Before the baby is born one is used to a good 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Pregnancy may have made those hours a little uncomfortable, but that is nothing compared to being dragged out of sleep every couple of hours by a screaming baby who shows no mercy for your raw nerves.

I have always valued my 8 hours at night. Being woken up every couple of hours was making me resent the baby. Finally I came up with an idea. When I was in college, I hated waking up in the mornings and had to drag myself out of bed. So I started playing my favourite music as soon as I woke up. That way I associated my favourite music with waking up. Soon I found my self jumping out of bed with a spring in my step. I hoped the same idea would work with night time breast feeding. 

While breastfeeding my first daughter, instead of listening to music, I  chose to read. Hanging out with various fictional characters (mostly 
from Asimov's books) made those nights vaguely pleasant and I thoroughly enjoyed my breast feeding experience. I would actually look forward to the next feed, even in the middle of the night so I could continue with my story.

Since the technique was so successful with my first daughter,I used it with my second one too. But, this time I decided to try out stories by a living author. I had been meaning to read a series of cozy mysteries  by Maria Schneider: The Sedona O'hala mystery series.  I remember every feed being exciting as I got to find out a little more about what happened to Sedona.

The mysteries are set in the corporate world where Sedona investigates all  sorts of corruption. She is an engineer and fluent with geek talk. She is also an easy going person who loves to cook. Geek who likes to cook, I promptly identified with her. She has interesting interactions with her family members. She seems like a very real person, you could easily identify with. But somehow she gets tangled up in the oddest of situations making the stories engaging. She is a fish out of water and yet somehow she manages to fit in.  

In one of the stories Sedona's sister-in-law is pregnant. It was fun to read 
about a pregnant woman character so shortly after giving birth. In the last 
book I found out Sedona can't sew to save her life and I loved her even more.

The mysteries are very engaging, but not the type you  lose sleep over. I found them to be the ideal companion for breastfeeding. I would look forward to the story enough to want to wake up for the next feed, 
but did not get so involved in it that I could not get back to sleep after a feed. That is of course till you get to the last 30 pages when it is impossible to put the book down.

Sedona was a wonderful friend who saw me through breastfeeding and made it one of the fond memories I have with my infant, instead of a frustrating experience I could not wait to get done with. 

Have any of you mothers out there found a similar friend in need? May be you can try this approach if breastfeeding is making you lose your sanity.

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