Which Board is best CBSE or ICSE ??

Hello everyone, my son has passed Kg and has to take admission in 1st STD. Can you all please suggest me which board is best to start with.

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ICSE - without doubt! Many good colleges abroad, including the London school of Economics, has stopped taking in CBSE students. IB is the way to go! Sadly, India is still dominated by these good for nothing boards.

I think both CBSE and ICSE boards have pros and cons. CBSE is clued in with Indian exams and admisisons like olympiads, nstse and IITs. ICSE on the other hand is very vast and detailed especially sixth grade onwards. I think IB is good in its approach but heavily dependent on teachers understanding the IB philosophy. It's hard to decide at an early stage what the child will do eventually. So I would say, you should look at the school which has better teachers and a philosophy that matches your parenting style rather than choose a board!

hi..Which board is best depends upon career path tht a child want to follow at a later stage though i agree it is too early to say that at an initial stage..In India CBSE is the most regonized & preferred board and it's curriculum is well recognized by National Cpuncil of Educational Research & Training..ICSE is highly recommended if student wants to take up career in English literature or Language or if you wish to send your kid abroad for higher studies then ICSE is a better option as it is recognized in many foreign schools & universities as well. Gudluck!

CBSE and ICSE are two very different boards of education catering to the academic sector. CBSE is good for those appearing in competitions after 12th Board including IIT JEE and those people who are interested to join engineering.ICSE good for medical line.

The syllabus of CBSE is in a structured manner and ask for all entrance examination whereas ICSE conducted by another board. So as per the future point of view, CBSE will be the best choice. Here is the list of CBSE schools in Nagpur which are the best-equipped schools and excellent infrastructure.


In the battle of CBSE vs ICSE, there are many factors in which the ICSE board dominates over CBSE Board like:
The ICSE Board is more focused on the Practical Knowledge rather than just theoretical knowledge. You will find that the content they are providing contains more quality content.
In CBSE, mostly the preference is given to the Science and Commerce subjects. But in ICSE, all the subjects are equally preferred.
More focus on the communication skills.

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