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RivoKids and Duckbill bring the Nonsense Verse Contest
RivoKids & Duckbill
Bring to you the "Nonsense Verse Contest"
Kids! Have you ever written Nonsense verse? See Contest Details below.
Entries will be judged by Michael Heyman (a Nonsense Scholar!)
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Congratulations Winners! Michael Heyman has composed a counter verse for each of you. Enjoy!
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Nonsense Verse Contest Details

Kids! Welcome to an exciting Nonsense Verse Contest.
Sense is of no use
Meaning is rot
And if you ask why?
My answer is what?</div> 
Makes no sense?
Read the Duckbill Blog and Check out Nonsense Verse Masterclass by Michael Heyman
to learn how to write Nonsense verse and then submit your own verse in Comments below!

Only one poem per day will be considered. Good Luck!


Nonsense is a nonsense thing

nonsense needs no fence

to cost a cent, 'tis so dense

has a scent for good sense

but not to gents, tents or vents

nonsense: hard to condense

'tis so immense

to need expense

needs no expense

needs no defence

counted in percents, comes

as pretense, presents, suspense

sixth sense, offence or persons

evidence it has; nay, 

just some consequence

some intense as compliments

Nothing is better than nonsense 


Punyaa Minocha's picture

 THE SEEMINGLY   WEIRD   BUT  NOT  VERY  WEIRD   DAY: (so nonsense+ weird=nonsensical weird!)


That  day  was  really  weird                                                                                                                          But didn't really seem weird                                                                                                                    for everything around me was not that weird                                                                                     but the kettle was not behaving weirdly                                                                                                and that WAS really weird...                                                                                                                      and the watering can was behaving nicely                                                                                            which was not actually weird.


(AND  all  these  things  weirdly  were  not  happening  till  that  day... as  I said I thought the nor not weird but still more than weird)


Well, I continue my nonsense rhyme


as I was not out of my home,                                                                                                                   but still out as I was between the out and in ,                                                                                     just like RAAWAN could not be killed in day or night, but just evening.                                            SO, when I was neither out not in, just like RAAWAN couldn't... blah, blah (I’m not repeating that again and it's a fact!)                                                                                                                          I saw some flies talking to each other

But they were actually really talking while

Some butterflies around them were doing flutter... Flutter


(Hoa.. now I’m not using the technique of placing the word weird at the end for rhyming.... that’s really great of me... well, that’s really nonsense, 'cause I’m taking part in the nonsensical verse contest in which only sense containing nonsense can be written.)


So, again I continue my weird and nonsense poem..


I decided to overhear the flies and butterflies talk while pretending to be sucking nectar from the flowers....

That’s not a human attribute (but as you already know my poem is more than nonsense)

So, while pretending

I decided to overhear their talk when I realized

They were all having a kitty party and in fact

All of them were aunties...


Weird, for when I went inside the outside of my cute little big home,

I noticed everything was fine and did OHH...

For everything was more than absolutely normal and that seemingly weirdly more than ever time weird...

And I’m a girl and like to write over-nonsensical verses and even know the definition of it:


“A nonsensical verse is a poem or contrarily a story that has nonsense +non- nonsense things that need to contain some nonsense and some sensible or non- nonsense things that make you realize what nonsense things you can contribute for the nonsensical betterment of the world"


Past tense Present tense how can it ever make any sense

when u fly high in ur dreams in d sky

and suddenly u realise that u have no wings nor feathers

makes u feel that u are not a bird nor fairy mother