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RivoKids and Duckbill bring the Nonsense Verse Contest
RivoKids & Duckbill
Bring to you the "Nonsense Verse Contest"
Kids! Have you ever written Nonsense verse? See Contest Details below.
Entries will be judged by Michael Heyman (a Nonsense Scholar!)
Three Lucky winners will win Books from Duckbill Books

Congratulations Winners! Michael Heyman has composed a counter verse for each of you. Enjoy!
Akshay Rajmohan, Abeer Dahiya, Aarushi dahiya
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Nonsense Verse Contest Details

Kids! Welcome to an exciting Nonsense Verse Contest.
Sense is of no use
Meaning is rot
And if you ask why?
My answer is what?</div> 
Makes no sense?
Read the Duckbill Blog and Check out Nonsense Verse Masterclass by Michael Heyman
to learn how to write Nonsense verse and then submit your own verse in Comments below!

Only one poem per day will be considered. Good Luck!


'A silly poem' by Abeer Dahiya, 12 


If a man gave you three crackers to burst at Christmas, and Santa’s elves called a strike

How many would you have on New Year’s Eve?

(If you might)


You can’t really answer that,

As there is no answer.

You will receive negative marking

For missing out the key-word ‘Cancer’

In your answer.


But this, I believe

Is something  worth a reprieve

For your incompetence as displayed previously

From an unexpected, indefinite leave

To Keiv.


If there are a hundred and twenty pilgrims

Aboard a ship

How many reached safely

This question cannot be skipped.


Give your answer in eleventy-thousandths,

There is no excuse

For when opportunity asks for qualification

You will have no proof to produce

That you have indeed passed

The 1-and-three-quartereth Examination Of The Last, Past and Vast

(You leave aghast)


It is strictly forbidden,

That you leave aloof.


For your troubles have not yet begun,

Mister No-Hoof.


You doof!






 A fish in a spaceship is flying through school.
A dinosaur's dancing on top of a stool.
The library's loaded with orange baboons,
in purple tuxedos with bows and balloons.

The pigs on the playground are having a race
while pencils parade in their linens and lace.
As camels do cartwheels and elephants fly,
bananas are baking a broccoli pie.

A hundred gorillas are painting the walls,
while robots on rockets careen through the halls.
Tomatoes are teaching in all of the classes.
Or maybe, just maybe, I need some new glasses.


There are five senses,

the one left to discover is sixth sense

but all those who have common sense

have discovered non sense

seeing in dumb people's lens

all around the fence

in their mercedez-benz

counting all their cents

and smelling the scents

cleaning their dents

all the male gents

come and do non sense                                                                                  

Writen by Ramika Kaur, aged 9 years...



There was a mango man,

He liked to eat sand.

He was very fat

because of eating sand.

One day God came in his hand.

God said, I will give you mango,

he told I don't want mango, I want tango.

God said I will give you two more legs

but don't dance like an egg.

Mango man said I will be very happy

if you give me two wings that are flappy,

so mango man became butterfly

in the sky


There was a Dear

Which couldn't hear

It was weird

With a beard

What a nonsense, what nonsense!!!

There was a tiger

Which never grew Stronger

It was silly

But really

What a nonsense. what nonsense!!!

There was a billy

I thought it was a lily

But it was very silly

This poem is full of nonsense

And does not make any sense