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RivoKids and Duckbill bring the Nonsense Verse Contest
RivoKids & Duckbill
Bring to you the "Nonsense Verse Contest"
Kids! Have you ever written Nonsense verse? See Contest Details below.
Entries will be judged by Michael Heyman (a Nonsense Scholar!)
Three Lucky winners will win Books from Duckbill Books

Congratulations Winners! Michael Heyman has composed a counter verse for each of you. Enjoy!
Akshay Rajmohan, Abeer Dahiya, Aarushi dahiya
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Nonsense Verse Contest Details

Kids! Welcome to an exciting Nonsense Verse Contest.
Sense is of no use
Meaning is rot
And if you ask why?
My answer is what?</div> 
Makes no sense?
Read the Duckbill Blog and Check out Nonsense Verse Masterclass by Michael Heyman
to learn how to write Nonsense verse and then submit your own verse in Comments below!

Only one poem per day will be considered. Good Luck!



Clouted by sprouts,
And harassed by carrots!
Poked by the beans,
And screamed at by salad!

Poisoned by cabbage,
And pinched by the peas!
Tripped by the spinach,
And peppered with seeds!

Hair pulled by parsnip,
And bruised by tomato!
Glared at by swede,
And thumped by potato!

Battered by beetroot,
That pinch, punch and poke!
Slapped by the onions,
And Arti, who chokes!

Nonny sensy sense

lets walk up to the fence

and if I say 'non'

you can say 'sense'.

But fence is  better

an option to chatter,

I don't know what makes me write this

but its better than nonsense-fish.

And don't ask me why I mention,

this poem seems a commotion

So atlast I can say

non-sense makes my day!

And if you don't get it

Then forget it

cause I am writing non-sense

and it doesn't make sense!!!!!!!!


All those who find this poem non-sensical I would like to thank them because I don't have any idea what I wrote!!!!!!

i have a freind,her name is SOHA.once she went to GOA there she ate POHA and then she sat on LOHA there she saw a CHOOHA anh shouted OOHA....!!!!

Once lived a mango man,


He looks like a mango van .

His friend was butter cloud ,

Of his friend he was very proud.

One day they went  to  toyland,

And played  kockerand became a soysand.

Mango man became the king called Handy.

And  became mad and became a sandy.

One day Mango man was jumping.

And he became a truck that was pumping.



Aarushi Dahiya- grade 2, NPS International school, Singapore

Wild gone wild.

The dog  is singing,
As loud  as can be,
The cat is barking,
High up in a tree.

The duck is whistling,
As it walks to work,
The hare is Farting,
Ferk, ferk,ferk!

The crocodile is singing,
The dolphin is burping,

The crab is crying,
Down by the bay,
The wind is laughing,
Just a blow away!

We saw a tiger  cursing,
Down at  Baldwin  street,
We saw a lion biking,
At my sports meet!

We saw all this,
Nonsensical stuff.
Thy might think,
It's a game of blindman's Bluff!

You might think,
It's all pretty strange,
But wait till I tell you,
I saw a red mountain range!!