Cbse vs icse vs ib

I have a major isue in dealing with which platform to chose from the boards availabl in education systm. Cbse, icse or ib
Which is better board , who devlops the over all persona of the child.

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If you are a parent, you should keep in mind that it’s not the board that matters but the school that you will be sending your kid to. The affiliation is going to play a very small part in your child’s education and overall development. You have good and bad schools in both CBSE and ICSE boards or even ib for that matter. So I would recommend you select a school solely on the basis of education level, teachers proficiency, co-curricular activities and exposure to inter-school conferences and activities.

That being said you need to understand that school is always secondary. There’s not much a kid learns at school. You need to enrol your kids into different programs and courses according to their interest. It’s really important to figure out where your kid’s attitude and aptitude lies. I happen to know of a very good website which provides the best resources for your kids overall development. It provides the best of mentors that can enhance your child’s skills and talent. Always remember school is never enough for child’s overall growth because if it was every student that came out of school would be successful.
Just have a look at and you would understand what I am talking about.

Hope this helps cheers J 

I can agree with past reply no matter which board you are how they teach is matters, All the parents while choosing the school to your kids see how the are teaching how the staff works there check school environment. and join because school is the second home to children 

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  n the battle of CBSE vs ICSE, there are many factors in which the ICSE board dominates over CBSE Board like: The International Board is a little different from both the CBSE and ICSE Boards. Let's compare between CBSE and ICSE first. In the battle of CBSE vs ICSE, the ICSE has the upper hand. The ICSE Board is more focused on the Practical Knowledge rather than just theoretical knowledge. You will find that the content they are providing contains more quality content. In CBSE, mostly the preference is given to the Science and Commerce subjects. But in ICSE, all the subjects are equally preferred. More focus on the communication skills. Talking about the IB board, if you want to have your child more international exposure rather than just considering him/her for JEE or NEET, then IB is a good option.

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