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A smart tablet for smarter kids
Submitted By Parul Mittal on Oct 6, 2014
Eddy Tablet for Kids
All About this ParentPick:

Eddy Tablet is a recently launched Intel powered, game based learning tablet for kids in age group 2-10. The reason you want an Eddy Tablet for your child vs the iPad or mobile phone is because :

  • It comes pre-loaded with 160+ of the world’s best learning apps covering 300+ core skills which are aligned to curriculum.
  • It provides a constructive learning platform for Maths, Language, Our world, Creativity & Fun and Reference all through games, to aid her well-rounded development.
  • It is designed by educators and parents, keeping in mind what technology they would want to give their children.
  • It comes with strong parental controls and violence-free content, to ensure a responsible and safe digital experience for your child.
  • It also comes with a UV-ray protective screen, with lower eye-strain compared to other kids tablets and digital devices.

Here is a Product Review submitted by Ayush Maheshwari, 7 years, Heritage School Gurgaon

(Ayush said this and we typed it for you)

I was very excited and happy when my mom said that I could play with Eddy Tablet during my school Dussehra break. As soon as I saw the tablet I wanted to play. It was so colourful. I couldn't believe when mummy allowed me to play for 2 hours every day on Eddy Tablet.

I am very good at Maths so my mother made an account for me with age 8-10 years. I loved playing the Addition game in Maths in Eddy tablet. It was different from other games that I play. It required me to add more than two numbers to come up with a given number. For example, to make 28, you need to join cells containing 7, 8, 5, 4, 3 and 1. It was lot of fun. I went through different levels of the game from beginner to master.

I also played Fast racing game. It had many more laps than other racing games I had payed before. I enjoyed Cut the Rope 2, Candy Crush. I also really loved Car Valet. Its higher levels got rather complicated. You had to get the car out of the parkign by sliding other cars out like the tile puzzle game.

I enjoyed geo Atlas in Our world too. The technology and sound is good too!! (A 7 year old said this :) There was only one problem, the swipe action got hung sometimes and required a restart of the tablet.

This was the best vacation I had. Mumma, can we now buy this tablet!!


Here is a Product Review submitted by Muskaan Mittal, 10 years, Shriram School Gurgaon, A Rivokids member

I felt very excited when I saw the Eddy tablet. I immediately opened the packing and set it up. It was very easy to set up and I easily started it. I made my own profile and started playing.  At first I played some uncategorized games on the home page. There were at least 150+ games already downloaded and you could download more. No problems of the internet not working on my PC. The I started playing the real games. I enjoyed playing Math Duel, Candy Crush, Racing, Subway Surfers, Flow Free, Paper toss, Stick tennis, Temple Run, Word Builder and much more.

Eddy Rocks!


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