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The Must Have Educational Toy
Submitted By Parul Mittal on Oct 14, 2013
Flinto Monthly Box
All About this ParentPick:

Be the "Super Dad" or "Super Mom" of your child's world

Gone are the times when parents just gave birth to kids and the kids grew up themselves. More busy the parents are today, the more conscious they are of how to raise their kids. Parents are continuously looking to engage their kids in meaningful and fun activities at home. Flinto monthly box, based on the next generation early child development principles adapted by schools in the Western countries, offers Indian parents a solution.
Flinto is a theme-based monthly activity box for 3-7 years old, designed to engage children in a meaningful way at home. Every month is a new interesting theme, filled with fresh activities and books, delivered to your door step. The best part, they include ALL the materials required, simple ‘’how to’’ guides and contents.
Designed by early child development experts, activity developers and experiential learning leaders, Flinto box has careful selection of contents that cover numerous development areas including fine motor, cognitive and gross motor, creativity, exploration, language, and social skills. It offers:

Curated Creativity:

It has both left as well as right brained activities. Every box has a treasure trove of knowledge. It also encourages creative thinking in a child. Logic & imagination coming together in the right balance.

Time away from TV:

No more struggles to keep your child away from TV or gadgets while preparing dinner or quickly finishing up an office file.

Habit of Learning:

Freshly themed box reaches your doorstep every month. Your child gets into the habit of exploring various elements, month on month. Learning, becomes a habit. A conscious habit.

Confidence & Independence:

A part of what’s inside the box requires the child to do it all alone. Without seeking help from any adult. This builds confidence. It gives hope to the child to work in silo, alone. All by themselves.

Here is a Product Review submitted by Tamanna Dalal - A RivoKids Member and Parent
Tamanna Dalal won the September Theme Box from Flinto in a contest held at RivoKids.

Hi Rivokids.

Thank you very much for the Flinto Kit. The theme was space adventure and it was really fun for me to talk to my 2 year old about space, rockets, telescopes, planets and most importantly, the sun and the moon. She did not catch on to everything but surely learned alot for her age.
She thoroughly enjoyed the storybook and after I finished reading it to her, she would open it herself and look at the pictures. 
She also enjoyed the jigsaw puzzle. She obviously could not do it herself, but what excited her was the concept of putting the pieces together to create a really big picture. When I finished the puzzle her reaction was, "Oh! Wow!" 
She loved the pictures and the flashlight was a real treat for her. We shut all the lights in the room and moved the flashlight around, looking for different things and identifying as much as she knew.
I have kept the other activities safely in the box for when she grows up but as for now, she really enjoyed learning about 'space' in her own simple way.  

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wow...realy gud to motivate kiddies...