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Amazing Science Everyday
Submitted By TeamRivo on May 6, 2015
My Science Kit by Zlife Education
All About this ParentPick:
I recently got a monthly science box from Zlife Education. Its new in the range of subscription boxes for kids available in India. Its also different as it is focused on Science activities rather than art and craft.

Each Box contains 4 Cool Science Experiments, tools, activity guide and safety gear. The activities in the box are hands on and engaging that can be easily conducted at home Children build their own mini lab with essential tools and resources enabling them to explore science beyond the box.

There are really nice Youtube videos for each activity in the box giving detailed step by step instructions. These are easy to follow even for a child of 10 year and above. The subscription can be bought online for 3 months, 6 months or an year. I would say its best to start with a 3 months subscription especially with summer vacations coming up for Rs. 4500.

My daughter was very excited to see the science kit arrive in a nice packaging. She really liked the idea of owing her own science kit and doing experiments. 
As she opened the kit, the materials inside like the test tubes, safety gloves, safety goggles, measuring syringe further heightened her excitement levels.
I must say I was rather impressed by the detailed documentation that accompanied the kit for the parents and kids to follow.
The first experiment she started working on was of course the wormy slime. It was quite simple although it required the solution to sit for 3 long days. The kids followed the instructions and mixed calcium chloride and sodium alignate solutions separately. It was a lot of fun to watch the wormy slimes form instantly as they squeezed the sodium alignate solution using a syringe into the calcium chloride solution. They were really worm looking and stayed on our table for quite some time. Every time I walked past, I was tempted to play with them.

The gooey slime ran into some unknown troubles. We started out good with measuring the water and adding PVA to it. The problem happened because the instructions indicate heating time as 10 minutes on an induction cooktop. We have a regular burner gas. So we heated it for a time we thought seemed right. We did remaining steps as per the instructions. When the time came to mix the PVA solution and borax, we felt out PVA solution was too dry. We tried adding water to it. As a result the slime never formed. It just stayed as a watery mixture.
The Scuba diver activity was really simple yet interesting. You had to make 2 scuba divers with pipettes and colourful paper clips. The basic idea here is that air is less dense than water and hence if a pipette is more filled with air, it floats. When the pipette has more water it sinks. This was very exciting to do again and again. 

The last was the Hot air balloon activity. There were two things that we found hard in this activity. One was sticking the candles with fevi kwik on the foil. The fevi kwik came on the fingers and the foil got torn. Secondly on trying to light the candles, the wax fell on the polybag. So we couldn't really do this experiment.

Zlife Education really has made science and experiments fun and easy for kids and parents alike. It surely promises to be a very nice activity done together on a weekend or during breaks. 
For further details check out http://www.zlifeeducation.com/


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