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Magnetic Pattern Fun
Submitted By Tamanna Dalal on Feb 24, 2016
Play Panda Magnetic Shapes for Patterns
Suitable for:
3-5 years
All About this ParentPick:

I came across these magnetic shapes while searching for the very popular magna tiles that the entire world wants to buy but anyway, these are so very creative for the child - there are a good size and it comes with a magnetic board which can be promptly put onto a cardboard easel. The box also provides 2 booklets with multiple patterns for the child to look at and copy on to the magnetic board. 

What I realised is the child may look at the patterns at first but later make them from memory (memory building) and also make one's own patterns (creativity skills). The shapes provided are varied according to the box you intend to pick up. For e.g. there is a magnetic puzzle with only circles, one with all different shapes and one with just a smaller amount of  shapes.

The pictures on the box will tell you exactly how many pieces as well as which shapes are kept inside. This particular Play Panda magnetic puzzle is reasonably priced at less than Rs.350/- and is easily available at amazon.in. All in all a wonderful buy and a great way to keep the little one busy and also keep that little brain alert!!!

Again, like I always say, an interest in any game or toy will come only if the mother/father/grandparent/or anybody that the child is comfortable with will sit down and play with the child for the first few times. So, try this one out - a creative , colourful game will always spark the brain cells and in turn , you will get some lovely 'baby and me' moments.

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I like this what price is for this

Can I buy from here or somewhere else as Amazon doesn't delivers in my area 

Can I buy from here or somewhere else as Amazon doesn't delivers in my area