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Submitted By Tanu Shree Singh on Dec 22, 2015
Princess Easy Pleasy by Natasha Sharma and Priya Kuriyan
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Vacations were sometimes a nightmare when the kids were younger, they'd want to pack in toys, the favourite pillow, a blanket, a stuffed toy, two dogs and a drawer full of nothings. Obviously we'd turn the request down and they would then have meltdowns making us wonder if we should be holidaying at all. So, when Princess Easy Pleasy by Natasha Sharma and Priya Kuriyan arrived at our home, it was a nostalgic read for me!

Princess Easy Pleasy is on a vacation to Hong Kong but hates the milk. So the royal packer is told to take note for the next vacation. And hence began madness. A cow accompanies them to their next vacation, followed by more craziness over the next trips!

To begin with, the quality of the book is excellent. The biggest qualm I have with some picture books published here are the print quality or the cover being tacky, but Princess Easy Pleasy is wonderfully done. And then Priya's Illustrations! Each page is a delight. The detailing is wonderful and you'd want to read it again and again to discover more - a cow that has the seat belt strapped on and is drooling from the corner of her mouth in sleep, a royal packer who is getting increasingly annoyed with each turn of the page, and a dog that happily marks the airplane's tyre - the fun is endless. Get it today! You'll love it.  

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