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Ramayan in Rhyme - perfect for kids to read and enjoy!
Submitted By TeamRivo on Oct 10, 2016
Ramayan in Rhyme
Suitable for:
5-7 years7-9 years9-12 years12-15 years
All About this ParentPick:

Ramayan in Rhyme is retold by Kairavi Bharat Ram and Ananya Mittal.

The wise saint Valmiki, wrote this epic story.

In some parts it’s quite sweet, in some parts a little gory.

It starts with King Dashrathwho’s not feeling too great,

He has no sons, no daughters, to inherit his estate.

Through this engagingly written Ramayana in Rhyme, two young authors bring out the essence of the Ramayana and retell its story in a format that is likely to be enjoyed by all who read the book.

Follow the adventures of Sita and the Bros

But this time lets do it in rhyme, not in prose

It's a modern retelling of a classic tale

Cross your fingers and hope that Ram and Lakhsman won't fail

To rescue Ram's wife from an evil Mister

Who was out to avenge his heartbroken sister

They went on a journey through forests galore

With allies aplenty but enemies more

With a monkey army by his side

Ram sets off to rescue his beautiful bride

It wasn't easy, many things came in their way

But they managed to be positive even when the skies were grey

So lets dive into the sands of time

And Learn about the Ramayana in Rhyme



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