Our Latest ParentPicks in Product Reviews

There are many new product launches for kids these days and parents get overwhelmed with choices. You will find here actual, truthful, and paid reviews on some of the kids products which RivoKids foudn interesting and worth recommending.

Quantum Cards
By Tamanna Dalal on Apr 24, 2016
By TeamRivo on Mar 9, 2016
By TeamRivo on Sep 18, 2015
Know Your Art Kit
By TeamRivo on Aug 3, 2015
Funtainer Thermos
By Tamanna Dalal on Jun 12, 2015
My Science Kit by Zlife Education
By TeamRivo on May 6, 2015
Clever Cubes - Spot the Dots!
By Tamanna Dalal on Apr 27, 2015
By TeamRivo on Mar 27, 2015
By Tanu Shree Singh on Oct 27, 2014