Customization in Toys

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Customization in Toys

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My daughter wants her favorite Barbie to be dressed in a miniature version of her birthday party dress for her 6th Birthday. I can hear moms saying that they want their children’s musical toys to play their favorite music. And there are kids all around asking for their Teddy Bear to look exactly like they imagined last night.

Standardized play for everyone is a passe. We are entering into the world of mass customization.This simply means that we can design our own toys as per our choice. Mass customization explains that we would desire a product to be made especially for us. It also implies that the toy shell life would be less as compared to today. What I want today would not be the same tomorrow.

Recently, Santa Barbara, California-based Mission Street Manufacturing created a 3d printer called Printeer. The mission of this printer is to make 3d printing accessible to kids and allow them to express themselves creatively with the help of emerging technology.

The era of mass customization in toys, not only gives our children the freedom to create what they want but also enhances their creativity and imagination. More importantly, helps them believe that they can create whatever they want.

Few weeks back, I came across an article which talked about how LEGO provides a platform to children where they can built their own unique designs. They can also order for their customized bricks and sets. These designs can be submitted to LEGO for selling. With this step towards mass customization, Lego has definitely changed its way of looking at standarised play and is creating something ahead.

This only reminds me of the lines by George Bernard Shaw,“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You Imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last you create what you will.“

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