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RivoKids Online Summer Camp for Kids

Summer holidays adds a huge responsibility on moms of entertaining their kids for hours together without any break. For last six years ever since my daughter was 4, she has been going for some or the other summer camp.

 An online summer camp allows kids from all big cities like Mumbai, Gurgaon, Pune, Ahemdabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and smaller ones like  Shimla, Coorg, Coimbatore to learn and engage in educational, fun summer activities from the comforts of their home, in safe, comfortable surroundings.

Rivokids Online Summer Camp is one of a kind in India. There are similar camps being done abroad e.g., but time differences, content and speaking accent makes them harder for Indian kids to follow. It allows moms not to worry about kids being out in the heat, arrange pick and drop or spend a huge amount to just keep kids busy. It also allows kids to get a respite and unstructured play, which is the basic idea of summer holidays. If it was all going to be one routine to another, how will their creative spark ignite? Besides, we all know kids want to be on computers these days. Might as well, they do something meaningful while doing screen time than just playing online games.

 Rivokids Online Summer Camp 2015 will be running in two shifts, May 11-15th for the kids in Western and Southern India whose summer break starts in April end and May 18th – 22nd for the Kids in North India (where the summer break starts around mid May.)

Any child who is between 6 and 12 can attend the camp. Actually even younger and older kids can join in if they enjoy the activity. The age groups are created primarily to offer age relevant content.

Although we would like the kids to attend all 5 days of the summer camp on a regular basis for maximum benefit and learning, if you have to travel for some reasons and miss some days, the content will still be there for you to complete at your pace.

There are many interesting, activities being offered in this educational summer camp for kids.

1.     Day 1, Story Writing Camp: Creative writing tutorial by Best-selling author. Kids write a short story based on the tips followed by Live chat and feedback from author on Google Hangout.

2.     Day 2, Science camp for Kids: Today, the kids go on the Little Scientist Mission. They learn to do science experiment in a workshop specially designed for materials available in Indian households. Live feedback and learning through Google hangout on kids experiments.

3.     Day 3, Art & Craft Camp: A workshop on Quilling with unique materials by Imagimake - the creators of Mapology and Think-a-maze activity kits. Kids do art and craft quilling activity. Upload pictures of their handiwork on Summer camp page. Feedback on each child’s creative work.

4.     Day 4, Story Telling camp for Kids: Imaginative thinking, Creative Writing, Problem Solving, Vocabulary Building & General Knowledge through well established Story Ghar workshop.  Kids tell a story. Feedback on each child’s story.

5.     Day 5, Drawing class for kids: Kids will learn how to illustrate by Shreya Sen,  illustrator of Timmy in Tangles, a Duckbill gang book.

6.     Post camp: Keep kids engaged with

  • Downloadable PDF Worksheets on Art & Craft.
  • Downloadable PDF Worksheets on Everyday Science
  • Downloadable PDF Worksheets on Story Telling

All of this priced at just Rs 799. It’s a steal. Enroll your kids now! Last date is April 30th, 2015

Register by 20th April and Win.

3 Lucky Kids can win the camp free.
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