Poem - Ingredients of a happy Family...

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Sor for a Happy family follow the below steps ...

Take a cauldron on the calm, put one cup oif emotions with 2 cups of trus, add a dash of arguments and tears & fights. 

Lots of laughter, hugs and togetherness. 

Mix well with love, patience, and interests , sprinkle friedship and understanding of each other as per your taste...

Mix With playfullness and a cup of happiness..

dont forget to add in your common interest, care and helpfulness (just like a dash of salt...) and garnigh it with a beautiful smile (like a spring of corriander) 

Your healthy, Happy  family is ready 

Serve with chilled family members :-) 


Garnish it 


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Fresh thoughts, very creative. Well done Aarushi

Lovely!!! Keep.it up

Lovely ingredients.... that's the way!!!

Wonderfully captured... keep it up. I hope all.of us could understand and follow this.

Fantastic... good going

Very nice....

aashna jain 30's picture

very nice