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I personally feel that tutions outside homes are a necessity for success in our modern and fast moving world. Tuition was not necessary in the past as education was not so emphasized. But nowadays, many students prefer to go tuition because they believe it can help them achieve success in examination .Bill Cosby said that “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure”. In each class,20%of student are brilliant and pass with flying colours.60% are those who are average and just manage to pass by with the lowest pass mark. Again, there are 20% other students who are weak in studies. Such students can be of two types-either they work very hard and then fail in the final exam or they just want to bunk the classes and enjoy.
Therefore Tutions are necessary for the last two types of categories- that makes 80% of students in a class.
Tutors in private tuition are less strict. Thus, they are more acceptable. Timid students cannot ask questions to their teachers because they are scared. They are afraid if they will be scolded in front of the whole class. In schools, they have only a certain period of time for one subject so average students do not understand what is taught in that short time properly. Also, teachers are hurrying up with the portions so that the get more time for revision .This causes difficulties when examination is near. Avoiding asking teachers can really affect their grades. Such students feel more confident in tuition classes as in tutions students are given individual attention and explain elaborately on each topic. Tutors are generally more patient and allow students to take their time.
Tuitions help working moms, so that if they missed to spend time with their kids on any particular day on their home work or some other school activities, it would be covered by the tution. Such children need a guide beside them to show them the right way of studying and could get explained by a good tutor .In a tution class a student learn to manage time properly and they get well prepared for the final exams because while writing the final exams we have limited time for writing and we have to finish it up within in time. Also, tutors also give a variety of questions regarding each subject, so they can get exposed to much more than what they teach at school .Thus, in tution classes the tutors prepare the students to cope up with time and manage writing exams with confidence.
Sometimes students are unable to concentrate during lessons for various reasons, such as distractions, not feeling well or explanation gaps. Therefore, students miss key points taught during lessons. Under such circumstances, private tutors can re-explain the topics learnt, reiterate key points, abstract concept and help to solve problems that students face. Students can be lazy at times. They may lose their motivation to work hard. The temptation for students to play is strong, particularly playing and surfing internet, spending time watching TV, sending messages and chatting with friends over the phone. Allocating times for private tuition reduces their time spent in unhealthy pursuits. Tuitions would help in having a certain amount of time dedicated for study. Private tutors also help to motivate the students to study hard. A private tutor can keep the students on the right track when they stray off course. Private tutors can assign homework to them, so that they can spend their time in a more meaningful way. A private tutor can thus act as a role of disciplinarian.
Thus, I feel that tutions are becoming necessary in today’s modern world.The thing to ensure is finding a good tuition teacher who has the ability to supervise on how the kid is doing and help the child with all he/she finds difficult. He must also ensure that the kid is not overloaded with more work from tuitions too.

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  1. Going to tuition gives the students an excuse to not pay attention in the school class.
  2. Also, If they are attentive in the class they won't miss key points that are taught in the class.
  3. And Also, Going to tuition gives these students extra burden of doing the home work of their tuition as well.
  4. And, If the students have lost the motivation to work they won't succeed even if they go to a 100 tuition.

In tuitions the child learns the same thing taught in school and it will be burden for the students.

All the students in the school are brilliant!!!!

Plz tell me that in which tutions are students free to ask any question to their teachers!!!! Even abouy their personl life!!!

None of the tution teachers are less strict than school teachers!!!!!

I'm sorry but I do not agree teachers are kind enough to talk & let us express our opinions

How can the students be lazy if u state that today's world is a modern and a fast moving world!!!!!

If u revise ur lessons daily & also read and understand what is taught to u in ur school , then u will not forget the keywords


Where will u get a good tution teacher!!!


Most of the motivation is given by the school teachers and not by the tution teachers


You say that 20% students are brilliant and 80% are average but the fact is that they are not born on earth as brilliant children they make themselves brilliant by doing that kind of work so if all the students do that kind of work then what is the need to go to tuition??

You are telling that 20% of the children are weak in sutdies. Are you sure about that?

You say that tuitions will reduce the student's time spent in unhealthy pursuits?it is actually the opposite.tuition will increase the student's time spent in these unhealthy pursuits. As they are away from their parents,they will be tempt to use these unhealthy pursuits even during the tuition classes.

you wrote that some students find it hard to ask questions to their teachers. I agree, but i also feel that going to a tutor may confuse you. What if it is not the same way your school teacher is teaching you. For example: most students tend to take tutions for maths . Maths is such a subject that if there are more than two ways of solving a problem we will get confused. What do you think?

In schools of today teachers are not called strict in comparison of the teachers of the past generations.And how can you prove that teachers tuitions are "less strict".

And today most of the students go to tuition just as fashion and for time pass as their friends are going to tuition so just to meet their friends they start going to tuition


How can you say that tuition wasn't emphasized in the past

Students going to tuition get dependent on their tuition teachers and if they are given any home work from the school they don't try to do it by themselves but directly ask their tuition teachers for the answers which results in lack of practise for the student and then in the exams the student will have difficulties in having to solve the answers due to lack of practise

You say that students miss key points in school and therefore tuition teachers may re teach them the concept. But if the first time itself they pay attention in class would this be necessary?

You also say that students are set hw by the tuition teacher which help them. But they may actually pay attention in class and finishing the hw set by the school teacher will also help. receiving hw from the Tutition teacher may actuall be a disadvantage since it is a burden as they have to finish the school hw as well as tuition hw.

Excellent site...as a teacher I simply luv this.

Teachers now a days have become cheaters .They have fall in greed of money.Tusion now a days have become a commercial business which is going at very fast rate.

You are right रोशिनी.Do you go to tution?

Tutions are now necessarily required for the students. Working parents don't have time to teach their children the necessary stuffs. Weak students need proper guidance from an experienced and enthusiastic tutor. These tutors are determined enough to take the career of their students to the next level. Apart from the studies, there are other life skills which the children should learn to be successful in their life. 

Career Coaching

Tutions are not necessary but ya this is the best way to invest your fixed time for studing thats the only reason children and parents give importance to tutionsChildren can also do they self study but for this they need dedication and support from parents as parents are really busy with there working life.

Awesome essay loved it

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I am komal

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Yes, u r tight the students can acquire extra knowledge about the concepts so it will help
Students to score well in exam . and
Tution's also help the students to learn deep
Knowledge about the concepts....

very good article 




very good article