Write a letter to Santa and Help Someone Contest

Write a letter to Santa and Help Someone Contest by RivoKids
Write a letter to ♥ Santa Claus ♥. For every unique letter we receive RivoKids will donate money to an NGO!
We hope to donate Library in a classroom worth Rs 5000 through Pratham NGO.

Let's make Someone's Christmas wishes come true by a small kind gesture!!
Many prizes and gifts to be won from our partners!!
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Congratulations Winners!! Santa has finally announced his favourite letters.
Jeydevi Diana Shambhavi Luthra Ejaz Ahmed Ritu Kalra
Devarsh Dhruv Devineni Advay Gupta Yogesh Vashi Dhrutvan
Pushpa Panwar Rekha Keswani Priyadarsini Haren Sruthi
Reena Sharma Anu Sharma Arjandev Singh Prathayush Bhadwal Anamika Patwari Agarwal
Winners, Please go to our Winners Page at http://www.rivokids.com/winners so we can get your prize to you asap!
***Minimum 40 unique entries are needed for prizes to be given.
Thanks for sending in your letters to Santa! RivoKids sponsored a Library in Classroom for ROPIO!
Here is a message from Mr Murphy Raphael (ROPIO):
Greetings RivoKids and Pratham,
ROPIO are very grateful for your donation of the LIC kit. ROPIO Foundation works with children from slums, catering to their educational and developmental needs. These books will help us instill in these kids not only a habit of reading but also improve their grasp of the English language. I can't express how grateful I feel for your contribution.

Write a Letter to Santa and Help Someone Contest Details

1. Simply write a letter to ♥ Santa Claus ♥ in comments field below.
You can participate in the Contest as many times you like
Only one entry per day will be considered! Win Prizes from Imagimake, Traveller Kids, Dk publishing and Hachette India


hey, you said that the contest will close on 21st of december. The month is goning to be over but i think so your contest not, it would be better if you do what you say give the results fast ........

Dear Santa ,

I wish that everyone may have optimism and hope in their mind.a hope that everything will be alright,a hope that this world can be transformed into a more better place to live in.iwant that no negative thoughts or deeds may wander around anyone and that nobody may attempt any sin as long as he is in this world. Oh dearest Santa i ask you to bless the soul of those innocent children who lost their life in peshawar.I hope that you will listen to your child's call.



Santa Claus...Can you please sing and dance Jingle bells song for me and a special request for my mom..she is always busy with her household work and working all time for our family.Please give me super power of my mom for me so that she can take rest when I do all work on her behalf.For my dad..please do teach cooking for my dad who doesnot know to boil water.Thank you so much in advance.Eagerly waiting for you

Dear Santa,

I hope you and all of your elf friends at the North Pole are well. How is Rudolph and the other eight reindeers?They must be getting very excited that Christmas Eve is not far away and that they will soon be helping you to deliver presents to excited children all around the world.I am writing to let you know I have tried very hard to be good all year .Santa please bring my home peace, faith ,hope and love and because you can do everything can you please take a few of the presents to the heaven for the kids who got shot at their school.I want them to have a merry christmas.I will be listening for sleigh bells on Christmas eve and I will also leave cookies and milk for you and carrots for your reindeers.Have a great Christmas and thank you for all the happiness that you bring to children and grown-ups all over the world.

Your friend ,

Ishmeet Kaur

dear santa ,

I want from you something for my didu { my elder sister} , she is always busy studying as she want to become a doctor , when I look at her , I am really inspired by her dtermination and will , I always pray for her so that she get what she want and become a doctor and that is what I want from you , so you please give my didu the power and encouragement as your gift so that she can do more better and fulfill her dreams.  you will be more thankful if you also give some chocolates for me  with the blessing for my didu  and last help those who are in great need of it.