The Online Summer Kit

Summer is here and your child is running out of things to do, so it’s up to us to keep them entertained and well-informed.
The Team Explore/RivoKids Journey Around The World summer package is filled with fun activities and experiments!

The best part is that it will give you and your child something enjoyable to do together, as well as encourage him/her to learn more about the world. We have a website full of fun things to do!

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RivoKids and Team Explore bring to you Journey Around the World - The Online Summer Kit
Our summer package ensures online interactivity! Answer the quizzes on pages 2, 17, 24 and 30 online.
Get the answers correct and your name will be featured on our Summer Kit Wall of Fame.
You will also unlock Additional BONUS content.
The Summer Kit Wall of Fame will be featured in the August 25th issue of Kids Explore Magazine.

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    Journey Around the World - The Online Summer Kit
    Mapping the World Quiz - Day 1
    (Please read pages 66-73 before attempting the quiz)
    Help find ways around towns and cities
    Help find ways across countries
    Help us learn more about the areas of the Earth
    Help us find our car
    Political map Physical map
    Choropleth map Vegetation map
    India USA Spain China
    Compass Scale Key Title
    Longitude Tropic of Capricorn Equator Tropic of Cancer
    Latitudes mark north and south
    Longitudes mark east and west
    The Prime Meridian is marked at Cape Town
    The Equator gets the same amount of sun light throughout the year
    You lose 30 minutes
    You gain one hour
    You gain 30 minutes
    You lose one hour
    The Equator is the longest line that runs around the centre of the Earth
    There is more land on the north side of the equator.
    The Tropic of Cancer is in the southern hemisphere and the Tropic of Capricorn is in the northern hemisphere
    GMT is referred to as Greenwich Mean Time
    Longitudes Latitudes Tilted Axis Equator
    Pacific Indian Arctic Atlantic