Be a Tiger Champion contest by Rivokids and Duckbill publishers
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Design a poster for tiger conservation with a striking slogan.
Only for Kids age 9 to 12 years
The author Mitali Perkins will pick the three best posters & their creators will receive a copy of her new book Tiger Boy.
Hurry! The contest ends on Oct 15th.
***Minimum 50 unique entries are needed for prizes to be given.
First Prize: Sonali Senthil and Siddharth Sreekumar
Second Prize: Ashreya Goyal and Prithviraj Singh
Third Prize: "Killing tigers is the GREED not the NEED : SAVE TIGERS" by Atharvika
Winners, Please go to our Winners Page at so we can get your prize to you asap!

Be a Tiger Champion Contest Details

1. Design a poster for tiger conservation with a striking slogan.
2. Upload your poster in comments below.
3. Mention your child's name, school and age!


Life should be respected

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Sayan Dahiya, 9 years, Inventure Academy Bangalore







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Aarav Hinduja , 9 years, Inventure Academy

Siddharth's Poster: Save Our Stripes!

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Name - Siddharth Sreekumar, Age - 10, School - Inventure Academy

Here is Sonali's second poster.

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Sonali Senthil. 10. Class 5. Inventure Academy, Bangalore

Sonali enjoyed making these posters so much that she made 2!  Here's the first one.

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Sonali. Class 5. Age 10. Inventure Academy Bangalore